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Pancreatitis provides comprehensive and definitive coverage of current understanding of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the inflammatory disease pancreatitis. Mechanisms of the disease are studied in animal models with the goal of developing rational therapy. The book has been overseen and published by the American Pancreatic Association with John A. Williams as Editor-in-Chief. It includes 65 chapters written and edited by a worldwide group of authorities. Individual chapters are relatively brief, dividing coverage into smaller units while maintaining depth. Hard bound paper and reader versions will be available through in January 2017.

Chronic Pancreatitis: Electrophilic Stress Template


This monograph presents a comprehensive review of the work of Professor Joan Braganza into the pathogenesis and treatment of chronic pancreatitis as a disease caused by oxidative and particularly electrophilic stress with an emphasis on environmental toxicants as one factor which is part of the balance of damaging and protective cellular forces in the pancreas, liver and other participating organs.

Hamster as a Pancreatic Cancer Model


This monograph is a summary of the life’s work of the author along with other investigators to study chemical carcinogenesis in the hamster pancreas. It covers the anatomy, physiology, microscopic and fine structure of the hamsters’ pancreas, its diseases, morphologic, biologic and clinical aspects of the induced pancreatic cancer and includes detailed comparison of human and hamster pancreatic cancer in biological, morphological and clinical aspects. The book contains a wealth of histological and ultrastructural illustrations.

Review of Literature on Clinical Pancreatology

Selected and edited by Åke Andrén-Sandberg

These reviews are compiled by Åke Andrén-Sandberg and present a summary of papers based on their abstracts presented in Pub Med for what is written in the scientific Literature on the pancreas for a specific year.

Randomized Trials in Exocrine Pancreatic Cancer

Åke Andrén-Sandberg, Mats Hedberg & John Neoptolemos

This is a compilation of all clinical trials carried out on pancreatic cancer through December 2009 with brief comments from the authors. Most of the text is "abstracts of abstracts" with the abstracts placed in different topic headings.

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