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  • Receptors for Secretagogues and other Regulatory Molecules
  • Membrane transporters for amino acids and sugars
  • Regulation of Pancreatic Bicarbonate Secretion


  • CFTR
  • CCK Receptors
  • Secretin Receptos
  • Na+-H+ Exchangers
  • Cl-- HCO3- Exchanger
  • Na+ -HCO3- Co Transporter
  • Na+-K+ ATPase
  • Claudins
  • Integrens
  • Connexins (Gap Junctions)
  • Occludins
  • Transmembrane Adenylyl Cylases


  • Isolation of plasma membranes from pancreas
  • Radiolabeled binding studies of hormones and growth factors to acini
  • Monitoring of intracellular pH and H+ fluxes in duct cells