This section presents diagrams for pathways present in exocrine pancreatic cells. Although components known to be present in cells in general may be included to make a complete pathway, the emphasis is on components that have been studied in pancreatic acinar, ductal and stellate cells as well as the pathway initiators and effectors. Each pathway may have associated short Reviews, Molecules and Methods. One aim of this section is to help generate a molecular parts list and interaction diagram that describe pancreatic cells. Community members who establish the presence of specific molecules or isoforms are encouraged to contribute to the Pancreapedia.

Newest Pathways

Title Post date Pathway Type Author
ER Stress January 28, 2016 Pathophysiological Staff Pancreapedia
EGFR and other TyrK Mediated Growth Factor Receptors April 18, 2013 Signaling John A. Williams
Diacylglycerol-PKC March 21, 2013 Signaling John A. Williams
Calcium mobilization by IP3, cADPR, NAADP March 15, 2013 Signaling David Yule
Hippo Signaling February 18, 2013 Signaling John A. Williams
Pathophysiological Pathways June 20, 2012 Signaling Staff Pancreapedia
Hormonal Control of Pancreatic Function June 19, 2012 Functional John A. Williams
Pancreatic Pain June 19, 2012 Pathophysiological John A. Williams
Regulation of NF-kappaB Activation April 9, 2012 Signaling John A. Williams
Activation of stellate cells and the induction of fibrosis March 14, 2012 Pathophysiological John A. Williams