Pathways, Molecules and Cellular Structures

This section presents information on the specific functions of the pancreas organized into different cross-cutting approaches.

  • Pathways: This section presents diagrams for pathways present in exocrine pancreatic cells. Although components known to be present in cells in general may be included to make a complete pathway, the emphasis is on components that have been studied in pancreatic acinar, ductal and stellate cells as well as the pathway initiators and effectors.
  • Molecules: This section includes short articles on molecules present in and relevant to the function of exocrine pancreatic cells. The long term goal is to create a parts list for each major cell type.
  • Cell Structures: This section presents information on the structure and pathology of the exocrine pancreas at multiple levels of organization from the organ down to molecules, and can be thought of as a pancreatic atlas and picture book.
  • Reviews: This section presents a review of the most relevant pathways and molecules involved in the regulation of digestive enzyme synthesis and secretion.