Proteins Identified in Pancreatic RER by Mass Spectrometry

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The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-0622
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This data set is modified from supplemental data included in the review article, “Molecular Characterization of the Endoplasmic Reticulum: Insights from Proteomic Studies” (1). It compiles data on proteins identified with high confidence in a study of rat pancreas (2) and canine pancreas (3), gives the closest human homolog, and the GO descriptors for molecular function, biological process and cellular component.  For further information see Ref 1.  It is our intent to add to this data compilation as further analysis of MS data from other studies is published.


1. Chen X, Karnovsky A, Sans MD, Andrews, PC and Williams JA. Molecular characterization of the endoplasmic reticulum: insights from proteomic studies.  Proteomics 10:4040-4052, 2010.

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3. Zahedi RP, Volzing C, Schmitt A, Frien M, Jung M, Dudek J, Wortelkamp S, Sickmann A, and Zimmerman R.  Analysis of the membrane proteome of canine pancreatic rough microsomes identifies a novel Hsp40, termed ERj7.  Proteomics 9:3463-3473, 2009.