Mist1 knockout

Full name (if applicable): 



C57 Bl/6


Targeted replacement of the Mist1 gene with LacZ.  The LacZ gene is inserted 8 bp upstream of the translational start site leading to complete recapitulation of Mist1 expression by LacZ.  The enture coding region was replaced.

Mist1-/- mice are viable and fertile with no obvious reprductive phenotypes.  All serous exocrine cells currently examined witin these mice exhibit diruptions in organization and gene expression.  In particular, pancreatic acinar cell organization is disrupted, there is premature activation of digestive enzymes and an increase in cell proliferation.  The genes that are known to show decrease expression in these mice include Cx32 (Gjb1), Rab3D, SPCA2 (Atp2c2), P21 and IP3R3.  Genes that show increased expression include CCK AR, PAP1 and Reg1.

Mist1-/- mice are more senstive to cerulein-induced pancreatitis, and have a decreased ability to activate the ER stress response upon injury.  These mice also exhibit increased acinar to duct cell metaplasia.

Model type: 

Targeted knockout through homologous recombination in ES cells

Genetic background: 

C57 Bl/6

Original strain: 

C57 Bl/6 x SvJ 129

Number of backcrossed generations: 



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Stephen Konieczny, Purdue Univerity, West Lafayette, IN; (765) 494-7976; sfk@bilbo.purdue.edu

Christopher Pin, University of Western Ontario, London, ON; (519) 685-8500 x. 53073; cpin@uwo.ca