Viral Vectors

Viral vectors are an important tool for expressing normal or mutated proteins in cells. This is especially true for primary cells such as pancreatic acinar, duct or stellate cells that can not be readily transfected with expression plasmids and lipid transfection reagents. Most work to date has been done with adenoviral vectors although lentivirus and sindbis virus have been used. Retroviral vectors require cell division and normally can’t be used in primary cells. The purpose of this section is to list viral vectors and their source that members of the pancreas research community have found to be effective.  Some viral vectors are from commercial sources or nonprofit repositories and others have been prepared by individual researchers. Viral vectors are considered intellectual property and may be subject to Material Transfer Agreements and costs charged by the provider. The purpose of this compilation is to list vectors and their source to allow researchers to contact the source with the purpose of obtaining a vector known to work in pancreatic cells. Further information on preparing and using viral vectors can be found in the Methods section.

Newest Viral Vectors

Title Post date Author
Constitutively active G13 February 1, 2011 John A. Williams
Constitutively active Gq January 31, 2011 John A. Williams
p115RGS January 24, 2011 John A. Williams
RGS-2 January 24, 2011 John A. Williams
NFAT-Luciferase January 23, 2011 Greg Gurda
NFATc1-GFP January 22, 2011 Greg Gurda
Rap1GAP January 21, 2011 John A. Williams
Rab 3D N135I April 2, 2010 Xuequn Chen
Rab3D Q81L April 2, 2010 Xuequn Chen