Production Staff

Current Staff

  • Melissa Wu, Content/Community Manager, University of Michigan
  • Merle Rosenzweig, Research Librarian, Taubman Medical Library, University of Michigan. Library Informatics.
  • Conor O'Malley, Developer in PTG. Maintains Pancreapedia development.
  • Jeremy Morse, Head of PTG. Manages Pancreapedia development.

Consultants and Contractors

  • Alla Karnovsky, Ph.D., Center for Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics.  Data base consultant
  • Ted McCarthy, Tiffany Chow and Yiwei Ma: User experience analysis consultants, M.S. candidates, School of Information, University of Michigan.
  • Stephanie Teasley, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan.  Human - Computer Interaction consultant

Previous Staff

  • Rachael Leduc, Content/Community Manager, University of Michigan
  • Ben Krawitz, Content/Community Manager, University of Michigan
  • Bryan Smith, Developer in PTG. Supports Pancreapedia development.
  • Gin Cordon,  Content/Community Manager
  • Kumar Mayank, Wentao Wang, Rayoung Yan, Amy Kuo: MS Candidates, School of Information, University of Michigan, constructed the prototype Drupal site as a class project
  • Devon Persing M.S.I.,  Interface developer at PTG, and the developer of the MPublishing Pancreapedia site.
  • Erin Zolkosky, Content/Community Manager
  • Elizabeth Beers, Web Developer in Publishing Technology Group (PTG), MPublishing, University of Michigan.  Maintains Pancreapedia development.
  • Emily Rinck, Content/Community Manager.